Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been taking things for granted...

...Specifically, the ability to breathe. I have just gotten so used to doing it all the time with no problems, that I never imagined it would become an issue. But, alas, here I sit all stuffed up and longing for some good old-fashioned oxygen. I miss breathing. I really do.

Yeah, I still have that little head cold. It's not really that bad. In fact, I managed to run 6 miles last night, and I felt better afterward. Interestingly, it seemed to clear out my sinuses quite well and I was able to breathe nicely all night long for the most part. So I think perhaps I'll do the same again tonight.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about my toe thing. Sesamoiditis. It's fun to say, isn't it? Say it with me now - ses-a-moid-i-tis. See how fun that was? But I digress... Last night I did my run on a treadmill for two reasons: (1) to keep my pace in check because I didn't want it to turn into a tough run and (2) to provide a more cushioned running surface for my feetsies. I believe I was successful on both counts. I don't have a run graph to share because, well, it would look really boring. I started out at 5.0 (12:00 pace) and increased it every mile until I finished at 5.5 (10:54 pace). So it was a progressive run, but easier than my usual progressive run. It felt pretty good. And my foot did not complain. I'll admit it was mildly achey after I was done, but I went home and iced it really good (it was turning blue, it was so cold). Today, it feels okay.

So I believe another run is in order tonight to clear out those sinuses again. Maybe you're wondering why I don't just rest if I'm sick. Ha! You don't understand (well, maybe some of you do). Running is a sickness unto itself! So much so, there is even a book about it:

Those of you who have had the misfortune (er, I mean, pleasure) of running with me know that I look a lot like that guy when I run. I've got my Garmin on my wrist, my iPhone on my arm, my earbuds in my ears, my shoe pod on shoe, my Nike+ sensor on the other shoe, and on long runs, a water bottle and/or fanny pack for all my hydration and fueling needs. And yet, I never feel fully prepared when I begin a run. It's all part of the sickness. I need help. But first, I'm going to go for a run.

Hello, my name is Emily, and I'm addicted to running.

Peace. Love. Train.

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