Sunday, September 5, 2010

20.71 miles inside a runner's brain

Miles 1-2

I hope this run goes better than last weekend's long run. At least the weather's a lot better. It feels almost... dare I say it... cold. Not that I'm complaining. Glad I wore my arm-warmers. Wow this road has a lot of potholes. There go all the fast runners. Now it's just me and the road. My shorts keep falling down. This is going to get annoying. Hey, I hear someone coming up behind me. I'm not being stalked, am I? I've got a fanny pack and I'm not afraid to use it! Oh, it's just Cathy!

Miles 2 - 6

It's really nice to have someone to run with. Too bad she's only running with me until Mile 6. What's with all the sirens? Hey look, there's Frank! Wow, his shirt is really bright. My husband would like that shirt - he likes bright shirts. Has it really been 3 miles already? I think I need to pee. I should suggest that we stop at this McDonald's up here. Whew, I'm glad she agreed. The floor in here is really slippery. Wouldn't that be ironic - getting injured by slipping and falling in a McDonald's while on a 20 mile run. Ahhh, I feel much better now. Onward! Oh that's what all the sirens were about - car accident. Those computer parts are still lying on the side of the road. Wonder how long they've been there. Oh look, it's Steve. Nice of him to man the water stop here. I think I need to take off my arm-warmers soon. There goes Cathy. On my own now.

Miles 6 - 11

Here come the other Stashies. Let's see... it's about 3/4 mile to the turnaround... so I'm about a mile and a half behind them. Oh look, geese! Oh look, cows! Yep, definitely time to lose the arm-warmers. I'm hungry. Look at Steve reading his newspaper. This is a great song. I really don't like that the guard rails of this bridge are so low. It's a long way down to the pavement below. Think I'll run a little faster across this thing. Huh, are those branches from an artificial Christmas tree? People throw the strangest crap out of their cars. Christmas is just around the corner... is it too soon to start shopping? Hey who just honked at me? Oh it's Coach Brad! Okay, the next water stop is supposed to be on Bacon Dr. I wonder if that street is named for the food or a person... Kevin Bacon? Does that make people who live on that street only one degree separated from Kevin Bacon? Wow, that squirrel is really going to town burying his nut. Dig, squirrel, dig!

Miles 11 - 15

Here comes the hilly part. Look, a CD. Do people even buy CD's anymore? I think my toe blister is getting bigger. This big long downhill part is great. But it means I'm going to have to run up it when I come back. I hope I don't get lost in Weaver Ridge. The sidewalk is ending. Don't trip, don't trip, don't trip... hey, I didn't trip! Look at all these people out playing golf. I really don't like golf. Oooo, these houses are so pretty! I wonder what it costs to live on a golf course. More than I can afford, I'm sure. Do you suppose these people get lots of broken windows from errant golf balls? Who pays for that - the bad golfer? The golf club? The homeowner? Oh hey, I've caught up with Louisa, Yvonne and Sue! Wow, I'm faster than I thought. Oh. Nevermind. They ran an extra 3/4 mile. Okay, so I'm not as fast as I thought.

Miles 15 - 20.71

Ugh. Gotta climb that hill I had so much fun running down earlier. So.steep. My feet are tired. Good grief, what is the deal with this wind? When I turn the corner I'll be out of the wind. Oh what a beautiful car! '57 Chevy. Pristine. Love that color. Only 5 miles to go. I can go 5 more miles. Don't trip on this sidewalk. Pick up your feet. Hey who just honked at me? Oh it's Cathy! I wonder where she's headed to. My shoulders feel tense. Relax. Relax. Relax. What is that guy doing by that car? Looks suspicious. Just look ahead and keep running. Hey this Subway must've been a gas station a long time ago. It's been a Subway as long as I've lived around here. I wish my shorts would stop falling down. My feet hurt. Last water stop. Hey it's Cathy again! I really needed that encouragement. I love my running friends. Ohhhh this water is soooo gooooood. Less than 3 miles. It's so close I can taste it. Too bad there's a lot of hill yet to climb. Why is there a big huge trash bin in the middle of the sidewalk? I've never been to the state fair. I'm sure I'm not missing out on much. Except funnel cakes. mmmmm... Hey is that Chocolate Mike up there? Why is he walking? I hope he's okay. It's good that he's still moving forward. Run, walk, crawl... whatever it takes. Whoah, I think I'm going to hit 20 miles in under 3:40. And I did! And it's less than a mile back to the club now. I should probably just use the rest of this as a cooldown. But I want to finish strong. I've got another 3/4 mile in me. Cooldown-schmooldown! Let's do it. OOOOO great song! I cannot wait to get out of these shoes and into some flip flops. There are the railroad tracks. Almost there. Power through. Hey there are all the Stashies cheering for me! Think I'll skip to the finish. ouch ouch ouch ouch. Okay, maybe not all the way to the finish. But it was fun for a little bit! Yay, I did it!

Now that was an awesome run. :)

Peace. Love. Train.

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