Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bishop Hill x 2!!!

That's how I celebrated my last long run of this training cycle. By running Bishop hill twice. Yes, I may be a little crazy in the head. But Bishop hill has become a good friend to me during these 5 months of training. Constant. Challenging. Always steep. And yet, in a strange way, always welcoming.

Early on in my training, I had to walk up Bishop hill, because attempting to run it would rob me of precious energy I needed to finish the rest of my run. But as my training progressed, I grew stronger and being able to conquer Bishop hill and still be able to finish the rest of my run strong became the mark of a truly good long run. So what better way to celebrate the ending of a successful training program than with two runs up Bishop hill?

The training schedule called for a 2-hour run today. No set mileage. Simply run for time. Knowing my typical pace, I knew this would be about 10 miles for me. So my game plan was to run Grandview/Bishop twice (4 miles each), and then run up Prospect and back until I got to two hours. As soon as I got out of my car at the Tower, I knew I had overdressed (it's not the first time I'd done this - you'd think I would've learned by now). It wasn't hot, but it was very humid and sticky. My CW-X capris were fine, but my long-sleeved shirt was much too heavy for the occasion. I couldn't really do anything about it, so I pushed up my long sleeves and made the best of it.

The humidity did get to be a bit bothersome, but overall it was a good run. The rain held off, which was a blessing. (I may not be so lucky for my actual marathon, as the forecast is calling for thunderstorms on race day - let's hope that changes!) I conquered Bishop hill with just as much force on the second round as I did on the first. I maintained a pretty good pace (well, for me, at least) and actually managed to complete 10.66 miles in the allotted two hours.

So, my next long run will be the actual marathon. This is both exciting and terrifying. Even though I know I've followed the plan, and I've put in all the hard work, and theoretically, I should be ready for it... well, I still can't help but feel nervous and uncertain. I guess I won't really be sure until I cross that finish line. But getting to the starting line is 95% of the battle. And neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep me from getting to the starting line. Now, lightning and tornadoes are another matter...

Peace. Love. Train.

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