Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Double Trouble on Harmonious Hump Day

For some people, it's enough to just run a marathon. For other people, it's enough to just run a 5k. For me, neither is enough. And so this weekend I'm doing both.

Now wait. Before you wander away muttering to yourself about "freakin' crazy runners", let me explain myself! There is a method to my madness and logic to my loco. My marathon is on Sunday. I'm going to need to go for a short (3-ish miles), easy run on Saturday in order to loosen things up and get the blood flowing. Well, as it turns out, Flying Pig Weekend includes a 5k race on Saturday morning. Perfect! Even better, my good friend, Michele, will be running said 5k, so I will get to run with her. And best of all, my two other friends and my husband have also agreed to run the 5k (in addition to the other races they're already running). Does anyone have any suggestions for what we could call our 5k crew? We definitely need a name.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, 5k finishers get a medal. So it's conceivable that I will come away from this weekend with three new medals - the 5k, the Pump N Run, and the Marathon.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, this means I'll have to add more running gear to my packing list.


It occurred to me last night that I completely forgot about Tuesday Tunes. DOH! So, how about Harmonious Hump Day this week? Ready? Let's begin! *sets Running playlist to shuffle*

#1 Three Doors, VAST - one of many great running tunes by VAST.

#2 Girl In The Fire, Pendulum - there's a LOT of Pendulum stuff on my Running playlist, but there's a good reason: the bpm of a lot of their songs almost exactly matches my run cadence.

#3 The Nosebleed Section, Hilltop Hoods - I bet most of you have never heard Australian hip-hop before. It's actually pretty good! This is one of my favorites - very catchy and upbeat.

So there you have it, the second installment of Tuesday Tunes, on Wednesday!


Moving on to other news... last night was FAST, and the workout was basically the same as last Tuesday, but instead of doing 3 x 1000m repeats, I only had to do 2 x 1000m repeats. I felt good and it was a nice, short run. Afterward, I did a few strides with some of my teammates, to open up my legs and work on my form. Coach Brad asked if any of us were getting nervous, and several people giggled... well... nervously. So I guess that answers that question.

But I think Coach Brad is getting a little nervous himself, as he is also running a marathon this weekend. He ran past me during the warmup yelling "Oh my god, the marathon is this weekend!" And then he refused to do the backward lunges in the dynamic warmup, for fear of injuring himself. (And to be fair, the backward lunges were kind of scary, especially on that uneven pavement) He won't tell us his time goal for the marathon. Although he did mention something about "under 3 hours". Huh. Funny. That's usually my goal for a HALF marathon. (Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating slightly)

It's interesting to note that several of my FAST teammates have big races this weekend. Most of them (my coach included) are running the Illinois Marathon in Champaign. I've heard that's a great marathon, but the fact that it finishes on the University of Illinois football field automatically precludes me from ever running it. As a Purdue alumni, I'm pretty sure they would throw tomatoes at me. Which would be okay, because I would throw them right back. But I digress... I want to wish each and every one of my FAST teammates the best of luck in their races this weekend - Kick some asphalt!

Peace. Love. Train.

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